Monday, February 06, 2006

Village In Bali Outraged By Mick Jagger Utterance of Word "Come" World Leaders Ask For Calm

Geriatric "singer" Mick Jagger is thankfully censored by ABC during Super Bowl XL. Another world crisis is averted.

The Iranian government was particularly relieved given that it is rumored that dead men (in particular gay one's that have been executed by the government) actually do come.


OscarTate said...

The real kicker on this one is that actually (and this is one of the best kept Rolling Stone secrets) the lyrics are ". . . make a dead man CALM." Really, the line comes from a beautiful buddhist koan: "You will know yourself if you can make a dead man calm." Hmmmm.


anton said...

Damn Budhists! I wish on then eternal ignorance!