Friday, March 17, 2006


Every note the Akron/Family play is for a reason. This band transfixed around 40 Milwaukee souls for a couple hours last night at a show surely most will never forget. Psychedelic folky marbles in the mouth (literally) tunes that shift from distortion driven dirges to the tightest four part harmonies this side of the Alps. The contrasts may seem severe at times but always with a purpose. Tightness can sound sterile but not for these low-fi stoners, this shit smokes.

Make an effort to see these cats at a gin mill near you!


OscarTate said...

All these folks on Young God Records are wonder-ful.


jennifer lapidus said...

Did they end in A'ville they kinda went crazy- hanging from the rafters with microphone taped to neck, cranking on the synthesizers, real experimental...but they didn't quite bring it all together- in the end they just let it die...but still, other than their ending, they were crazy good- lines like, " the power I afford you, is the one I wish I had over you..."

anton said...

Unfortunately the Milwaukee crowd was so in awe and awkward that they did not know exactly how to act. The entire interactive nature of their schtick was lost on the Thursday night crowd, lots of staring and gawking. We're to cool to dance? Huh? Posers! I still think it was one of the best show's I have seen in years!

anton said...

Or my fave:

all of my dreams are memories
that i can't place to a time
or a face but my body
knows of the ribbons and bows
that i once was tied in
in my mothers skin
before and again