Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rogue State

At least* since Teddy Roosevelt swaggered on to the world stage as big mouth and chief the US has not flinched when it comes to grand announcement of international law while simultaneously practicing the crassist form of unilateralism. The Philipino occupation, the numerous invasions of Mexico, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc..., the mass murder in Korea, Vietnam, Central America, and Iraq have all come with the rhetoric of civiliztion and rule of law. Bush's latest pronouncement, that the US has the right to intervene anywhere in the world at anytime for any reason, needs to be seen in this context.

Nothing new here and imperial powers do what are in their interests but don't wrap it in the robe of lady liberty when truly about avarice and plunder.

*Of course our particular imperial project begins with Jamestown and such but the reach internationally takes on a new form at the turn of the century.

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