Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Surreality Revisted

Even the punditocracy can't take them seriously. The question then is, where are the Democrats?!

Veterans are getting involved in the anti-war movement. At the Milwaukee gig a guy from Oshkosh spoke who talked of the rules of engagement. The nugget he shared with us was how you need to run over little kids in your truck because, you never know.

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Rafael said...


this is my blog. Basically I intersect most of my internet passions: heroin addict's anecdotes, dan savage's weekly bitchslappings, Ukrainian politics and anything else in between. Ukranian politics because I am sick and tired of reading about American politicians, the Reagan left-overs, the hawks, the dull democrats (save Feingold and Kennedy)... Similar to Robinson's general grievance, I just am tired of the lies, the repetition of said lies, the pretensions within said lies, and the behavior of an anti-working class establishment in the White (People) House.

In certain places in the Ukraine they use sleigh horses to pull cars out of snowbanks.