Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brazil's Landless

After the staggering defeats of the 1970's the Latin American Left has changed tactics and emphasis. The foco strategy and the "mass" Stalinoid CP's have failed and now multi-party coalitions and indigenous movements have filled the void. The grand daddy of all of these new formations is Brazil's Landless Workers Movement.

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OscarTate said...

I just finished watching the documentary, The Take. It traces the efforts of a group of Argentine workers who take over their closed-down factory and run it as a cooperative. It is an optimistic portrayal of a democratic alternative to the IMF model. The slogan of this group: Occupy, Resist, Produce! We need to recover the memory of these kinds of moments in the history of industry over the last 300 years. They are all over the place. The movie brings to mind my favorite history article title -- "What do bosses do?" It's a reminder that the "boss" doesn't give workers jobs -- workers give the boss a job.