Saturday, March 25, 2006

You've Never Read Laclau and Moffett?

Russell Jacoby is hilarious! I have not read Lott or know his politics but I remember the type.


OscarTate said...

If only Jacoby would recognize the transitive potentialities inherent in the subaltern manipulation of hegemonic signifiers, emptying them of their motive force -- that is to say, de-contextualizing them and re-appropriating the frame within a new context, then he would clearly understand the way in which Lott's critique of postmodern political posturing is really an example of the most effective, revolutionary and transnormativalatious politics that there is.


PS -- I'll trade you three Laclau for a Lacan and an early Althusser.

anton said...

Shades of J. B-Murray.