Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Al McCoy

Al McCoy has been doing interesting work on Southeast Asia for years. His latest work on the record of torture and the US is well researched and chilling.

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Andrew M. said...

As a fellow liberal, and having listened to the McCoy interview, I think that the point needs to be made that there is a difference between the using torture (or whatever you want to call it), and prisoner abuse. Although I am not condoning or condemning the CIA tactics, there is a marked difference, and were we (liberals) to address prisoner abuse first, then we would be much more successful in persuading people of the justice of our convictions.
It must be the policy of the United States, and it must be enforced, that no prisoner abuse of any kind shall be tolerated, and that those who participate in it, or who are complicit by turning a blind eye, shall be court marshalled and thrown in prison.
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